Exams, Exchange Programs and Contests

Exams Proficiency diplomas

Proficiency diplomas

Our schools offer 4 language proficiency diplomas (A1, A2, A2/B1, B2/C1) which are recognized by Germany. The German university system accepts the B2/C1 diploma as proof of German language efficiency. Also, high school students studying with us have their course credits recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education.

Exchange Programs Québec - Germany

Exchange Programs Québec-Germany

Our schools participate in the Québec Ministry of Education's Exchange Program between Québec and Germany.

We teach these high school students language skills and also prepare them culturally so that they get the most benefit from their stay in Germany.

Contests German contests

German contests

During the school year, we encourage our students to take part in German contests. The Goethe Institute "Award of Excellence" is available to students of all language levels.

Those with an creative imagination, a talent for writing and filming, could win a stay at the Waldsee summer camp by taking part in various contest. Every year the German Consulate offers young Canadian students the chance to win a one-month trip to Germany, an opportunity to learn all sorts of wonderful things about the country.

In 2015, two of our students were the lucky winners and enjoyed a month-long trip to Germany, visiting several German cities. One student won a 2-week stay at the Waldsee language village in Minnesota.

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