Learning German is fun and educational : This statement describes the basic meaning of our teaching program. We want to pass on to children, teenagers and adults the greater understanding of German writing and communication skills. ‘Comprehension, Writing and Speaking’ are the areas, in which we educate our students. For most students Saturday morning lessons are a fun experience as they virtually visit the German country and culture.

Our teaching tools are German textbooks which are adapted to the student’s level. Since we have small classes we get to spend more time with each individual student. Working on grammatical structure and offering homework, we complete our classes by games and interaction, which makes those teaching hours a more enriched experience.

There are distinct adult classes, for beginners and for students who want to improve their language skills.

There is an easy transition to the accordingly higher level every year and High school students receive credits from "Le ministère de l'Éducation du Québec".


The Courses Levels

To meet your needs, the school offers the following levels :


Kindergarten (4-6)
Learning the German language, culture and tradition while playing games.
Elementary classes (7-12)
2-3 Levels
Learning of key German language structures, culture and geography with stimulating learning material and modern teaching methods.
Secondary classes (13 and up)
Learning and reinforcement of grammatical mechanisms and enrichment of lexical knowledge for students of Secondary I-V. Taking of secondary final exams and earning 4 secondary credits per year.
Diploma classes
A2, B1,
B2, C1
Preparation for the German language diplomas issued by (ZfA) Zentralstelle für das Auslandschulwesen. Reinforcement of reading and spoken understanding as well as written and oral communication.
Adult classes
4-5 Levels
Using up-to-date teaching methods and inspiring learning material you will learn about German culture and geography in a stimulating interactive environment.



Schedule and Prices

For more information please refer to the registration forms (rebates, registration fees, book prices, etc.).
Please refer to our school calendar to know more about school activities and holidays.

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